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Wynwood Walls

23 January 2015

When I was a little girl I got punished so many times for painting on the walls, I insisted, painting on the walls is so tempting! Plus is not the same to be able to express your feelings and ideas on a large wall, than to be restricted to paper or canvas, but I guess life had other plans for me…

Painting on the walls nowadays is not so bad, now graffiti can be art.

But how, when and where did we decided that this sort of crime or vandalism was to be admired?

Is really not up to art curators, museum directors, art galleries, or collectors, they are not the ones who have the last word, is up to us! Is the people who decide what is art and what is not… at the end of the day Contemporary art is what we try to express, its just a message from todays society.

This is why I wanted to spend an afternoon with my team at the Wynwood Walls, I told them; lets just sit there and search for a sign as we absorb inspiration…

We enter a black door that led us to a big patio surrounded by the most impressive graffiti walls done by todays most prominent street artist like Shepard Fairey, know by his famous tags from

We just sat there, mesmerized, hypnotized, contemplating the art, the concepts and trying to read the messages as if we could hear from the center of the earth some voices expressing themselves

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura