Adriana NY art show collage

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Who Cares About Contemporary Art?

23 November 2015

After spending a long, yet amazing week at the New York Art Sales, I had the opportunity to see the best, most creative shows. The city comes alive, and in a very short amount of time museums and galleries put out their best pieces for the world to enjoy.

It's amazing how one week at the New York Art Sales gives you more experience than what you would learn in a classroom for two years.

Art, especially contemporary, doesn't have to be about aesthetics. It's all about the message that society is trying to express. The artists are the interpreters of the society and the contemporary art world takes you by the hand and gives you a short version of how our world looks.

YOU are in the picture - it is happening now, it is interactive and you can participate. You see, art comes into your body through your eyes. It produces an emotion that is not always necessarily pleasant - sometimes it is an attraction, sometimes it is a repulsion, sometimes you move from hating something to being intrigued and you end up loving it. But the most important thing is it sinks in your system and it helps you evolve.

It is very hard to explain - you have to live it you feel it.

When there is a buzz around a particular artist at any given time - I cannot predict whether the artist will be our next generation’s prodigy. Nobody knew that Picasso or Warhol were going to be the most important artists of the 21st century; only time can confirm who will be a lasting influence. It is really the masses, our society - the people who aren’t familiarized with art’s technicalities - who determine this.

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura