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Trendy Mexico!

18 January 2016

We stress so much about travelling and getting to know the world, when sometimes what we actually need to do is slow down; rewind; and realize that perhaps we ought to understand ourselves before we get to know everyone else around us.

This exercise teaches us to then fully appreciate other people, other cultures, other countries and different forms of life.

But getting to know ourselves and where we come from first, is key.
From that we can learn who we want to be...

I didn’t learn this deliberately.

I wasn’t aware of what I was going to do this trip.

I was just going home to spend time with my family over Christmas. So it was quite a surprise that my trip became a retrospective of my childhood - something I have become very sensitive to as a consequence of living abroad, in a different country and continent, away from my upbringing.

I have learned to really appreciate my background - so this time I lived Mexico to its fullest. The food, the family, the people: I found myself in touch with every corner and detail.

I was so proud to by Mexican and show the legacy of Mexico to my children and to my husband.
Emmanuel was so impressed with our nature, our music, our sense of humor, our depth, our dramatic landscape and how amazing really we are!

I also became so aware of who we were compared to who we are now.
And I’m not just talking Adriana or the Abascal family; I am talking about the country and culture as a whole.

People often associate Mexico with struggle, but the New York Times is saying that we are THE place to be nowadays.

So locked, loaded and totally ready to call my hometown Mexico, TRENDY.

Photo & Make up :(Esp) Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :(Esp) Erika Camacho Segura