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#TheReinventionProject / Style


21 January 2016

Waiting list:

So, you’ve heard me talking about this new thing I’m doing - right?

Well, let me tell you - I have spent hours upon hours sketching, planning, brainstorming, scrapping, tailoring, creating, fine-tuning, crafting, divulging, developing, researching, carving and laughing.


What I have created for you, is a 30 day ONLINE challenge that asks you to complete small tasks each day to help you break old habits, redifine your passions, test your boundaries and ultimately helps you show the best version of yourself.

It started on January 2, 2016.

On the whole, it takes hardly any time to complete each task - but I do require that if you decide to take the challenge that you take it seriously. That means doing everything I tell you with an open mind, a full heart and a little bit of patience. You have to trust me.

I will be taking the challenge too. With you every step of the way. So I look forward to sharing eachother’s progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There are only 1,000 spots open for this challenge, so - If you are ready to take it - go ahead and register now (before 31 December):



Are you ready to show the best version of yourself? Welcome to THE REINVENTION PROJECT.
Unfortunately registration for #TheReinventionProject on January 2, 2016 is now closed. I had no idea we would fill up the 1,000 spots so quickly - amazing!
But don't worry - you can sign up for the waiting list for my next challenge here. It means I will notify you first once registration opens!

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura