The Skirt

22 June 2015

It’s obvious that denim is “in” right now. Nowadays you must have the shirt, the jeans, the jacket, and of course the denim skirt is “The Skirt”.

But it has not always been perceived as the ‘trendy item’. There was a time where nobody wore a denim skirt and said item was ‘ostracized’ from a fashionista’s wardrobe.

It’s natural that we feel cautious to incorporate a denim skirt in our wardrobe, but time is everything and the moment has come…

Except, this denim skirt is not any denim skirt. Those who like to analyse fashion know perfectly well that it has to be fitted, high-waisted, and buttoned-up. That, is THE SKIRT of the summer…

In this day and age, even royal families have given the ‘green light’ to this controversial piece of clothing; this is evident from the many princesses that have chosen to appear in public wearing it.

The denim skirt is cool, perfect for the summer and a fabulous alternative to jeans.

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura