roundup week 2

#TheReinventionProject / Style

Round Up Week 2 #TheReinventionProject

25 January 2016

We finish the second week with a lot of happiness!

I couldn’t feel more proud of my growing tribe.

Your messages and posts make me grow and feel thankful everyday.

I want you to know that not only have I taught you, but that you all have taught me to believe in myself, reach for my goals and more importantly - not be scared of the future!

The hard work and impeccable style of Sam Luna (@samlunaarz on INSTAGRAM) made her win the challenge for day 10 of the #TheReinventionProject.

I love seeing how you all put so much effort everyday to show the best version of yourselves.

For this cute letter, @adris_castro on TWITTER prefers to keep her thoughts private, but still shares with us the fact that she successfully completed the challenge. Great job Adris!

In this artistic collage, Paulina (@styleshazz.a on INSTAGRAM) showed us a bit of her cool outfit and the letter she wrote for the challenge. I love your hat and your handwriting is marvellous!

On the 9th day of the #TheReinventionProject, the winner was Gabriela (@sonriente_pez_blanco on INSTAGRAM). Gabriela has remained dedicated and consistent throughout the challenge, always giving the 110%. I love seeing your progress day by day, you are a true role model!

I want to remind you all of how proud I feel of every single one of you.

I love going over my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and automatically feel filled with the love and light that you all project.

Keep it up! I want to see you all succeed,

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura