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Challenge Round Up – Week 1!

14 January 2016

I am truly overwhelmed and inspired by all the posts made by my wonderful tribe. In this past week #TheReinventionProject has not only helped me learn about myself, but has also helped me introduce others to the wonders of rediscovering oneself.

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing their journey with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - and taking it to the extra mile! Your hard work and dedication has only made me more focused and dedicated to accomplish goals I wouldn’t have dreamed of before the challenge commenced.

All posts have been lovely and dedicated, here are a few that have taken a lot of courage. These people are willing to change and really are showing the best versions of themselves!

This wonderful man @luiscisito (INSTAGRAM) from DF is the brand manager and Scotch & Soda and he has made a remarkable effort for each day of the challenge. It’s clear that with some focus, you can give each moment a purpose and have a lot of fun though self-awareness and reflection.

“She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans”. I just love seeing how a positive mind leads to a positive life!

@imblondiee_ (INSTAGRAM)

Looking gorgeous and comfortable @AREDOME showed no fear while expressing herself!

Again, I couldn’t feel more inspired by your posts and I truly love seeing your progress and how all of you are slowly showing the best versions of yourself! Keep the work up!

Don’t forget to share your photos with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #TheReinventionProject.

For those who couldn’t sign up for the challenge on time, do not worry! Click on this link and sign up for the waiting list for my next challenge.

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura