(Eng) Travel Diary: Weekend in Beirut

13 julio 2016

(Eng) Traveling anywhere is amazing I think. Traveling to a new and very exotic place like Beirut is even more fun.

While I was a bit intimidated to go to this area of the world, especially now, I was encouraged by the fact that I had good friends along with me and that I knew in my heart that I'd be safe.

(Eng) This is an old and historic city rich history and culture of both modern Lebanese and also very conservative Muslim with 95% of the population being Arab Maronites, and Greek Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox.

Food is typically Mediterranian with pita bread being a staple but you can also find fine dining, French and even Mexican

(Eng) Stunning by the ocean Beirut is the capital of Lebanon with contrasts of architecture and people. It has impressive collections of art in the region – very much rivals the Metropolitan Museum in NYC for its grandeur and collection of ancientGreco-Roman empire.

(Eng) I attended a few events and really I just ate my way through this beautiful city. If you have the chance you must visit soon!

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura



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