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(Eng) Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture 2017

6 febrero 2017

(Eng) Paris Haute Couture is always a dream to attend. Truly, the imagination runs wild when you see such amazing craftsmanship, beading, just takes you to another dimension of dreaming.

(Eng) Speaking of dreaming, Pierpolo Piccioli, of Valentino, spoke about dreaming in a different sense, as fittings were going on at the house. “Dreams make us human; they go down to who each of us are, in ourselves,” he said. That thought had led him back to Greek myths and legends, “because they were the beginning of naming human feelings.”

When you see these amazing dream outfits you know exactly why we are all dreaming.... this is me in my beautiful pink, sheer Valentino dress with a glass of bubbly!

(Eng) I also attended a Russian designer named Yanina @yaninafashion. She is a really superb designer and I was fortunate enough to get to try on some of her amazing clothes too!

This gown in emerald green was truly as sexy as it was elegant. She is a designer I'll be following from now on!

(Eng) What can I say about Gimbattista Valli except pure fun and beauty. It was like every woman's couture dream come true. Knowing that he’s a firm believer in making big, as in really, really big, gestures, the clothes didn't disappoint on any level. They were magical, whimsical and ultra rich and luxurious too.

(Eng) Then it was all about fireworks and over the top gowns @zuhairmuradoffical They rained all over the dresses in glittery briliance with such grace and such beauty. You felt like it was an explosion of color, design and light. Bravo!

(Eng) And finally, the 3-day VIP event in Milan to celebrate @dolcegabanna haute couture show. This was an amazing event which started with an evening showing of the beautiful couture show and private dinner.

I was literally treated like royalty and the show was over the top in terms of both design, magnitude, and expert tailoring....the beading was out of this world.

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura



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