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Elie Top

12 February 2015

Magic, elegant, original and as creative as a genius, are some of the words that pop into to my mind when I try to describe to you who Elie Top is.

He is not just another great designer! His creations cannot remind me of anything I’ve seen before…Where do the artist ends and where does the genius begins?

How did he came up with this unique jewelry line that dialogues with the stars, the secrets of life, the understanding of aesthetics at the same time that seduces us with great imagination and disorder?

Elie Top is not part of a trend; he is an artist that works with his scientific skills and his artistic veins to give birth to pieces that blend simplicity and complexity.

For me Elie Top’s new fine jewelry line is most impressive, a mathematical and extravagant collection…

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura