Dolce Vita

29 May 2015

This time, I really felt like it was time to live the Dolce Vita, I wanted to feel in a Federico Fellini film and just experience like a true Diva, the glamour and passion from Italy…

The only thing was that, to get there, I had to surrender to the vulnerability effect that a dress or a skirt can have in us… why is it that, as soon as I wear a dress, I feel almost like if I was just one of those vintage ladies that never worked in their life, and their only project was to make themselves beautiful for their husbands? Perhaps this is why we are sometimes reluctant to wear a dress!!! It makes us feel less important, less interesting, less powerful…

But it makes no sense to give up one of the most effective weapons a woman can own! Femininity…

Our strength comes precisely from the fact that we can be fragile; we are fascinating because we live in a constant contradiction, so why trying to be practical when is our complications that render us remarkable?

The idea is, to once in a while, remind them and ourselves that we belong to the world of “The Dolce Vita”

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura