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My Couture Style Story, Paris SS16

28 January 2016

Haute Couture Week was different this year.

I just spent the past 4 days in Paris planet-hopping between the most diverse landscapes on some sort of magic carpet where, at each stop, I was inadvertently swept off my feet in the most entrancing of ways.

From the sexy, sporty heroines of Donatella Versace’s catwalk to Giambattista Vallis’ voluminous clouds of tulle, SCHIAPARELLI’s earthy pastel ball gowns, Stephane Rolland’s structured elegance, Armani’s futuristic metallics, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s smoky 1970s party and Valentino’s ethereal universe - Paris Haute Couture Week really took me by surprise.

I walked into Haute Couture Week with firmer steps than ever before.

I was more self-confident and I was so willing to express myself in a new chameleonic way.

It was probably the most daring, versatile and multifaceted I’ve ever been in my life - especially during a fashion week.

For instance, the girl at the SCHIAPARELLI show who came straight out of a 1950s cocktail bar was nothing like the girl who went to Giambattista Valli whose hair was in a slick back ponytail with angular partings; sporting a ski jacket and cocktail dress.

And it was certainly light years away from the ethnic woman with hair braids who entered Valentino's world.

I have to attribute this telepathic, time-travelling experience to #TheReinventionProject: my latest endeavor which is currently in action (a 30 day challenge to help participants show the best version of themselves).

Each day of Haute Couture Week was enhanced by the project and I can testify that it has made a difference in my life.
I’m different; I've changed.

You see, I can be really stubborn with my team sometimes.
But in the end I LOVE it when they push me to try new things.

For example, I felt really uncomfortable about my hairstyle at SCHIAPARELLI. I was going for a more conventional look.
But once I stepped out; I owned it and I came back home so pleased with the experiment.

After thanking my hairdresser, Erika, she reminded me of the principles we had learned from #TheReinventionProject: daring to be different - stepping out of comfort zones and enjoying change.

As it turns out, I did the right thing.

This morning, I decided to lay down the visual story of my time at Couture Week.

So I spread all the photos (taken by my super-photographer, Israel) on my desk and was amazed at how the last 4 days looked.

The decision to share my #StyleStory with you is not driven by narcissism or front row bragging, but rather to invite those who are serious about being themselves; self-expressive; & unique to share my newfound freedom.

Photo & Make up :Israel Escareño Chong

Hair & Style :Erika Camacho Segura