Camel + Silver

Who has time to find inspiration? There are times when I feel like a Mac, when the small circle of rainbow will appear to…

A Must Have Beanie

The other day in London while I was having lunch at Cipriani’s, I saw the most elegant woman step in! She was wearing dark…

What’s Inside…

The first time I saw a plastic handbag completely transparent I wondered if I would ever dare to wear something like that, not because…


David Mallett

Last week I went to visit my friend David Mallett at his studio in Notre Dame des Victoires in the 2ème arrondissement of Paris….



Rock and Roll Look

Adriana nos comparte su look para asistir al concierto de los Rolling Stones en París.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.41.44 PM

Tips for Traveling by Plane

Tips para viajar en avión. Aquí te comparto un pequeño clip de tips para viajar en avión, mi rutina para aprovechar el viaje y llegar lista a mi destino.